Help Center & Car Transport Questions

Help Center & Car Transport Questions

For any inquiries on moving your vehicle to a different state or city, feel free to utilize our search feature or browse through our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Top Car Transport Questions

  • Is PayPal an accepted payment method?
  • What are the available methods for my car transport?
  • Can payments be made with an international credit card?
  • Are there any undisclosed fees included in your pricing?
  • Do you offer a guaranteed date for vehicle pickup?
  • Am I obligated to pay the transport service even if I’m not completely satisfied with the service provided?
  • Can motorcycles be shipped?
  • Can I request a quote without a specific address?
  • Can vehicles with lift kits and oversized tires be shipped?
  • Is it possible to transport a car purchased at an auction?
  • Is there a discount available for transporting multiple vehicles?
  • How can I get my car ready for shipping?
  • Is it necessary to have the title or registration of the vehicle for its shipment?
  • What steps should I take if my vehicle is equipped with a toll transponder?
  • Will I receive a communication from the transport provider about vehicle pick-up details?
  • Can you define what a Bill of Lading (BOL) is in the context of vehicle shipping?
  • What options are available for tracking my vehicle’s location during transport?
  • Will I be provided with a shipping contract for my vehicle?
Before You Book

Before You Book

Before You Book

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Before You Book

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