Before You Book

Before You Book

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Before You Book

Prepare for Pickup

Awaiting Delivery

  • Is it possible to make payments using my credit or debit card?
  • Is PayPal an accepted payment method?
  • Can payments be made with an international credit card?
  • For how long is the provided quote valid?
  • What are the steps to pay for car transportation services?
  • Are there any undisclosed fees included in your pricing?
  • Could you explain your policy on cancellations?
  • What does your refund policy entail?
  • Is a deductible required from me?
  • Is insurance coverage provided for my vehicle during transportation?
  • Am I allowed to transport furniture in my car?
  • Will my personal belongings be covered by insurance?
  • Is it permissible to transport personal items in my vehicle?
  • Do you offer a guaranteed date for vehicle pickup?
  • Is it possible to transport a car purchased at an auction?
  • Can cars be shipped from a storage unit?
  • What distinguishes open transport from enclosed auto transport?
  • Does your service include door-to-door delivery?
  • Will I need to transport my vehicle to or from a specific location?
  • Will I be provided with a shipping contract for my vehicle?
  • Is it possible to transport a golf cart?
  • Can vehicles with lift kits and oversized tires be shipped?
  • What distinguishes a Carrier from a Broker in auto transport?
  • Can vehicles with low clearance be accommodated for shipping?
  • What defines a vehicle as operable or inoperable?
  • Is it possible to place an order without a precise address?
  • What does the term “First Available Pick-up Date” signify?
  • Is Car Ship Hero classified as a Broker or a Carrier?
  • Do you provide discounts for military car shipping?
  • What is the cost associated with car transportation services?
  • Can motorcycles be shipped?
  • Is there a discount available for transporting multiple vehicles?
  • Can a non-operational car be shipped?
  • What kind of truck will be used for transporting my car?
  • Can I request a quote without a specific address?
  • Does the shipping price vary with the vehicle’s value?
  • How much lead time is recommended for booking?
  • Is my presence required during the vehicle’s pick-up or delivery?
  • What is the expected delivery timeframe for my vehicle?

Everything You Must Know About Car Transport

Payment & cancellation policy

Insurance & personal items

Pick-up & delivery timeline

Types of car shipping services

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