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About our Interstate Car Transport Service

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Our Interstate Car Transport Process

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What is the Interstate Car Transport Service?

Interstate Car Transport Service is a specialized service designed to move vehicles from one state to another using various types of transport methods. This service caters to the needs of individuals and businesses that require safe, efficient, and reliable transportation for their vehicles over long distances. The essence of this service lies in its ability to bridge the gap between the need to move a vehicle and the logistical challenge of doing so over hundreds or even thousands of miles.

Interstate Car Transport Service offers a range of options to cater to different needs and budgets, including open-air transport, enclosed transport, and even door-to-door delivery in some cases. Open-air transport is the most cost-effective option and is suitable for most vehicles, while enclosed transport provides additional protection from the elements and is often chosen for high-value or classic cars. Door-to-door delivery offers the ultimate convenience, as the vehicle is picked up from its current location and delivered directly to the desired destination, eliminating the need for the car owner to travel to a drop-off or pick-up location. With the flexibility to accommodate everything from compact cars to large SUVs and trucks, these services make interstate vehicle relocation a hassle-free process for customers.

Interstate Car Transport Service

How It Works

The process begins with choosing a reputable interstate car transport company. Once selected, you schedule a pickup date and provide details about the vehicle, including its size, weight, and any specific requirements for transport. The company then arranges for a professional driver or a transport carrier to pick up the vehicle. Depending on the service agreement, your vehicle is either driven or loaded onto a carrier, which could be an open or enclosed trailer. The vehicle is then transported to its destination, where it is delivered to the recipient.

Types of Services Offered

Interstate car transport services come in two primary forms: open and enclosed transport.

  • Open Transport: This is the most common and cost-effective method. Vehicles are loaded onto an open-air trailer with multiple other cars. While economical, this method exposes the vehicle to the elements and potential road debris during transit.
  • Enclosed Transport: Offering a higher level of protection, enclosed transport shields the vehicles from external elements in a fully covered trailer. This option is preferred for luxury, classic, or high-value vehicles that require extra care and security.

Industries Served

The interstate car transport service caters to a wide range of industries, including:

  • Automobile Dealerships: For the delivery of new and used cars to their customers or to move inventory between locations.
  • Auction Houses: Transporting vehicles purchased at auctions to their new owners.
  • Corporate Relocations: Assisting companies in moving their employees’ vehicles as part of relocation packages.
  • Military Transfers: Providing transport solutions for military personnel who are often required to move across the country.

Benefits for Individuals and Businesses

For individuals, the primary benefit lies in the convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing their vehicle is being professionally handled and transported safely to its new destination. It eliminates the hassle and potential wear and tear of driving the vehicle across long distances.

For businesses, utilizing an interstate car transport service can significantly enhance operational efficiency. It allows for the seamless movement of vehicles, whether it’s for delivering cars to customers, relocating company vehicles, or managing fleet distributions. This service ensures timely delivery, reduces liability and risk associated with long-distance transportation, and ultimately, supports the business in providing better service to its customers.

Interstate Car Transport Services offer a vital solution for moving vehicles over long distances safely and efficiently. Whether for personal or business reasons, these services streamline the transportation process, offering various options to meet specific needs, budgets, and preferences, all while ensuring the vehicle arrives at its destination in good condition.

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Costs Involved in Interstate Car Transport

Transporting a car interstate can be a complex process, with costs varying based on several factors. Understanding these costs and what influences them can help you better budget for your car transport needs. Below, we break down the primary costs associated with interstate car transport, including the factors that affect pricing and offer advice on finding cost-effective options.


Distance is a straightforward factor: the farther the car needs to be transported, the higher the cost. Pricing is usually calculated on a per-mile basis, with long distances having a lower per-mile cost but higher overall price. It’s also worth noting that remote or less accessible pickup and delivery locations can further increase the cost due to the extra time and fuel required.

Vehicle Size

The size of your vehicle plays a significant role in determining the cost of transport. Larger vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks, take up more space on the transport carrier and weigh more, leading to higher charges compared to smaller cars. The increased size and weight mean that carriers can transport fewer large vehicles at a time, which impacts the cost.

Transport Type

There are mainly two types of transport options: open and enclosed. Open transport, the more common and affordable option, involves transporting your car on an open trailer. This method is cost-effective but exposes your vehicle to the elements and road debris. Enclosed transport, on the other hand, offers protection from the elements in a fully enclosed trailer, making it a preferred choice for luxury, classic, or high-value vehicles. This added protection comes at a higher cost, typically 40-60% more than open transport.

Time of Year

The time of year can significantly impact transport costs due to supply and demand fluctuations. Peak moving seasons, such as summer and the end of the month, often see higher prices due to increased demand. Weather conditions can also affect costs; for example, transporting a car to or from snowy regions during winter may be more expensive due to slower speeds and increased fuel consumption.

Budgeting and Finding Cost-Effective Options

To budget effectively for interstate car transport, consider the following tips:

  • Get Multiple Quotes: Prices can vary widely between companies. Getting several quotes can help you find the best deal.
  • Book in Advance: Booking your transport well in advance can secure you a better rate. Last-minute bookings often come at a premium.
  • Be Flexible: If possible, be flexible with your pickup and delivery dates. This can allow you to take advantage of lower rates when demand is lower.
  • Choose Open Transport: Unless you’re transporting a high-value vehicle, open transport can provide significant savings over enclosed transport.

By understanding the factors that influence interstate car transport costs and planning accordingly, you can find a service that fits your needs and budget. Always ensure that the company you choose is reputable and offers the necessary insurance and safety measures to protect your vehicle during transport.

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Interstate Car Transport Across The United States

Alaksa AKIllinois ILN. Carolina NCS. Carolina SC
Alabama ALIndiana INNorth Dakota NDSouth Dakota SD
Arkansas ARKansas KSNebraska NETennessee TN
California CAKentucky KYNew Hampshire NHTexas TX
Colorado COLouisiana LANew Jersey NJUtah UT
Connecticut CTMassachusetts MANew Mexico NMVirginia VA
Delaware DEMaryland MDNevada NVVermont VT
Florida FLMaine MENew York NYWashington DC
Georgia GAMichigan MIOhio OHWashington WA
Hawaii HIMinnesota MNOklahoma OKWisconsin WI
Iowa IAMissouri MOOregon ORWest Virginia WV
Idaho IDMississippi MSPennsylvania PAWyoming WY
Montana MTRhode Island RI

Why Our Interstate Car Transport Service

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